Temecula Acupuncture - Being Your Best Self

Being Your Best Self - 8 Week Program Description

*Embark on a transformational journey with Freedom today to Being Your Best Self in this 2-month program covering the following essential areas of living Consciously

Holistic Health and Wellness: In this portion of the program you will be guided into exemplifying perfect health through creating a conscious relationship with food, exercise, and body image.

Inner Peace: You will create a foundation of Self-Awareness and begin bypassing limiting Self beliefs and fears to develop your constant inner peace through the breath, meditation, listening, and surrender to your Highest Good.

Spiritual Expansion:  You will discover and experience your vital connection to all things, the Purpose of Life, your individual purpose, and begin freely expressing your authentic Self in a whole new way.

Sustainable Living: You will connect and commune with the natural world, learn how to be a greater contribution to the planet, and develop tools to live free and joyful every day of your life.


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Love and Blessings!